Roof CassettesRoof Cassettes

Roof cassettes are becoming more commonplace in the construction industry due to their enhanced energy performance. They are manufactured using I-joists and decking material (OSB/Plywood) and come fitted with lifting straps for safe lifting on both transport and site erection.

The roof cassettes can be manufactured in various forms to suit the bespoke requirements of each build, with the joist ends cut to suit the pitch of the roof and the connection to the wall plate. They can be manufactured in either an ‘open panel’ system with joists and a top deck / membrane or a ‘closed panel’ system with joists a top deck/ membrane, insulation between joists and then closed off with OSB ready for plasterboarding on site.

Roof cassettes are ideal for all types of build, from large commercial projects to bespoke self-build homes. The advantages of pre-manufactured cassettes include:

  • Reduced construction time on site
  • Cassettes can be loaded sequentially to speed up erection.
  • Improves health and safety on site
  • Less waste material on site
  • Conforms to Robust details
  • Increased energy performance
  • Reduced air leakage and thermal bridging
  • Utilises the whole loft space to create a larger living area